Use and Privacy Policy

Use and Privacy Policy

Spam and Personal Data

ThinkBRQ does not send spam. Neithers asks for personal data by e-mail. If you receive a message asking for such kind of information, get in touch using the

Anonymous Data and Cookies

In order to improve user experience, ThinkBRQ collects statistics and analytics information, most related to technical or site navigation issues. The data can be collected and kept using cookies – small text files containing identification information on your computer – server scripts (PHP, ASP, et cetera) and client scripts (javascript), either from ThinkBRQ or third party tools. Although cookies are not dangerous, the user has freedom to refuse their use, acessing their browser configuration and preferences and disallowing their use and scripts execution.

External Links

Although the website features external links that ThinkBRQ believes are interesting to users, the company are not responsible for information collected in such websites.

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